“Listen to People Who Do the Actual Work”

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Scrolling through my LinkedIn feed today, I stumbled upon a story that struck a chord. Stories like this are precisely why INIM was born.

Let me share the tale.

“Having worked in accounts payable, purchasing, and procurement, I know firsthand how time-consuming dealing with invoices can be. At a previous job, the decision to automate was made hastily, without involving the departments that would actually use it—like mine.

The software chosen by leadership turned into a nightmare, making things more time-consuming than before. Nothing was syncing correctly, leading to extra manual work for AP between the old and new systems, and some vendors weren’t getting paid.”

The insight shared was profound: “If someone would just listen to us persons down here doing the actual work, things would run more efficiently.”

What a compelling story. And it happens too often, costing millions of dollars invested on software that produces questionable return.

Now, at INIM we offer the “User Adoption Sentiment” service. It lets IT buying teams anticipate software adoption patterns and sentiments pre-implementation by focusing on the end users – “people who do the actual work”. This service includes an organizational workflow assessment, and user preferences analysis to gauge adoption sentiment and delta (gain or loss) on efficiency and effectiveness before investment decisions are made.

The story resonates, and it’s exactly what we aim to address!

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