BetterEx: User Centered Implementation Done Right

BetterEx guides IT teams and solution integrators to continuously involve end users in the implementation process, thereby delivering better user experiences and accelerating end-user digital adoption.

  • User Experience Playbooks
  • User Requirement Gathering
  • Continuous User Engagement
  • User Testing Automation
  • Automated User Feedback Gathering
  • End User Metrics Dashboard

User Experience Playbooks

Step-by-step guides for common UX activities, like conducting user interviews, workshops, along with templates and interactive exercises. These resources help IT professionals without UX skills to learn and apply UX principles effectively, leading to improved user experiences in implementation.

User Testing Automation

Built-in tools for creating, conducting, and analyzing user tests. It streamlines the process by guiding users through test setup, recruitment, execution, and result analysis, while providing actionable insights for iterative improvements based on user feedback.

AI Assisted Design Crafting

AI assisted crafting of UI designs using established design language and design systems by providing intelligent design suggestions and automated layout options based on predefined design principles and style guides, ensuring consistency and adherence to established standards while saving time.

Automated User Feedback Gathering

Surface impactful user requirements based on automatically synthesized user feedback and usage patterns, providing the implementation team with insights into which user requirements are most critical. This helps them prioritize their work effectively to address the most pressing needs of users.

Continuous User Engagement

A feedback loop mechanism that enables the end user base to provide continuous feedback, report issues, and suggest improvements seamlessly as they interact with the system, ensuring their voices are heard and considered throughout the implementation process.

End User Metrics Dashboard

The Experience Metrics Dashboard calculates productivity or efficiency gains by analyzing various metrics related to user interactions and system performance. It provides real-time insights into how user experience improvements are impacting productivity, enabling stakeholders to track the effectiveness of their initiatives.

Enterprise UX is not Plug-and-Play

Implementation without involving users is counter-effective

“The return on any software investment relies more on the implementation of the technology than on its functionality.” Optimal implementation requires investing in your users early, ensuring they are part of the digital transformation and helping them embrace change rather than resist it.

Better UX = Better ROI

User Experience as a Value Generator

In the context of enterprise software implementation, User Experience can generate significant value by aligning enterprise applications with your organization’s unique workflows, thereby achieving higher ROI and faster Time to Value. This is particularly critical for complex workflows in enterprise software with custom configurations.

share success early and often

User Experience Outcome is Quantifiable

UX success can be measured by calculating operational efficiency gains using metrics such as the number of steps required to complete a task (both manual and automated) and the time saved based on critical tasks and associated cost implications. Additionally, overall task success rate and qualitative user satisfaction rate can serve as measures of implementation success.


“Your platform guided both us and the client in the implementation to never lose support of the end user base.

Bill W.

Solution Integrator


Really helpful tool. It helps us finding answers to questions such as, ‘How do you know you made a good investment with the new system?’”

Sam T.

Implementation Partner

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