User Centric Technology Buying & Implementation

INIM enables your teams for seamless user experience in technology buying & Implementation, achieving higher ROI in your technical investment via higher user adoption.

Vendor UX Scoring Card

By providing a comprehensive evaluation of usability, heuristics, consistency, and accessibility on vendor solutions, it vets solutions to ensure alignment with user expectations and industry standards before the purchase.

User Adoption Sentiment

Anticipate software adoption patterns and sentiments pre-implementation. Assess organizational culture, preferences, and challenges through predictive modeling to address concerns, tailor training, and ensure a seamless transition.

One Click User Need Report

A comprehensive user need reporting tool, covering Personas, Segmentations, Job Functions & Task Analysis, Jobs to Be Done, and Empathy Mapping, is a game-changer for accurate functional requirement gathering & purchasing decision making.

User Centric QA

User centric QA testing to ensure early identification of usability issues and user errors, minimizing user dissatisfaction, and contributing to higher success in UAT and user adoption.

UAT Auto-Script

Automate the generation of testing scripts and plans for UAT to ensure comprehensive test coverage, and to reduce the likelihood of oversight, accelerating the deployment of reliable and user-friendly solutions.

Efficiency Gain Calculator

With a quantifiable efficiency gain dashboard, we provide clear insights into reduced task completion times, lower error rates, and heightened user satisfaction, and over all operational efficiency gain with workflow enhancements.

Deliver Technology Success With User Centric Approaches

Aligning enterprise application with your organization’s unique workflows to ensure that it provides maximum value to your employees and customers, achieving higher ROI and faster Time to Value.