At INIM we support IT teams and solution integrators to deliver better experiences by supporting them implementing better UX, providing structured data and insights on end-user behavior, user needs, crafting user centric designs, and establishing metrics and KPIs to measure and improve experience driven business outcomes.

UX Research, Review & Testing

Our team of UX experts will review your digital experiences, including the user interface, user clickthrough path, navigation, information architecture, and more. We will discover low-hanging fruit usability problems and pitfalls that could potentially cause user errors and adoption hurdles.

Our accessibility experts assess your digital experiences regarding adherence to accessibility standards and guidelines, identify barriers to access, and provide recommendations for improving accessibility. The goal is to make digital content inclusive and usable for all users, regardless of their abilities.

UX testing extends beyond UAT testing, and its integration into your implementation process ensures the success of UAT and, most importantly, the overall project. It encompasses usability testing, where real users interact with the product to identify issues and provide feedback, as well as user interface testing to assess design, functionality and performance. The objective is to uncover usability issues, gather insights from user feedback, and make informed improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

We provide a wide range of UX research services to gather deeper insights about the target audience and user groups that inform the implementation process, ensuring that products are intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use, matching with the customer’s maturity level in their ways of working.

User Centric Design

We provide User centric design services that utilize techniques such as user personas, user journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing to iteratively refine designs based on user feedback. We ensure seamless and engaging interactions that align with user expectations and business objectives

UX Training

INIM provides experience focused training to IT teams and solution integrators through workshops, hands-on exercises, guest speakers, online courses, case studies, and continuous feedback to enhance their understanding and implementation of experience design & development principles.

UX Talent Acquisition

INIM equips IT teams and solution integrators by helping them hire specialized professionals and providing guidance on job descriptions, participating in interviews to assess candidates’ alignment with user-centric principles, offering referrals from CX/UX networks, and facilitating training or mentorship programs to onboard new hires effectively into the organization’s experience culture and practices.