Better User Experience = Better ROI

In the context of enterprise implementation, custom-configured user experiences can generate significant value by aligning enterprise applications with the organization’s unique workflows and maturity level, thereby achieving higher adoption rates and faster time to value, ultimately delivering better experiences to your customers and employees.

Higher Adoption & No Shelfware

Businesses can realize value faster from technology investments when software is easier to use because employees adopt it more easily. Shelfware is costly and represents a wasted investment.

Do you know that 70% of IT projects fail to meet their objectives due to poor experiences to their customers and employees?

Better Productivity & Higher Engagement

Employees carry out similar tasks on various software numerous times a day. Usability pitfalls cause costly user errors, as well as negatively impacting mental health. A streamlined user experience leads to better productivity and higher engagement.

Do you know that 49% of workers in the U.S. would leave their jobs out of sheer tech frustration?

Less Cost on Training & Support

Recurring user challenges and errors lead to higher costs in training and support. User centered software implementation and IT project delivery can save money down the road.

Do you know that inappropriate software use and onboarding challenges contribute to a staggering 91% of enterprise software errors, which contributes to significant investment on software training?

Better Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation hinges on people just as much as it does on the technology they use. It requires not only embracing new tools and systems but also fostering a user/people centric mindset shift and empowering users to embrace innovation and drive progress.

Do you know that according to a McKinsey report, companies that prioritize the people aspect of digital transformation are 1.5 times more likely to achieve success in their initiatives?

Our Services.

At INIM we enable IT teams and solution integrators to keep end users in the focal point in the implementation process

UX Review & Research

We provide a wide range of UX research services to gather deeper insights about the target audience and user groups that inform the implementation process, ensuring that products are intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use, matching with the customer’s maturity level in their ways of working.

User Centered Design

We provide User centric design services that utilize techniques such as user personas, user journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing to iteratively refine designs based on user feedback. We ensure seamless and engaging interactions that align with user expectations and business objectives

UX Training & Talent Acquisition

INIM equips IT teams and solution integrators by helping them hire specialized professionals and providing guidance on job descriptions, participating in interviews to assess candidates’ alignment with user-centric principles, offering referrals from CX/UX networks, and facilitating training or mentorship programs to onboard new hires effectively into the organization’s experience culture and practices.

The BetterEx Platform

BetterEx is a subscription-based software solution that guides IT teams and solution integrators to continuously involve end users in the implementation process, thereby delivering better user experiences and accelerating end-user digital adoption.

  • UX Playbooks
  • AI Assisted Design Crafting
  • Continuous User Engagement
  • User Testing Automation
  • Experience Insights
  • Experience Metrics Dashboard